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The blocks of Terrazzo Belotti Tiles are created using only natural materials such as marble grit, white concrete, marble dust and water; moreover, all the production phases, in addition to being highly controlled, guarantee the lowest possible impact on the environment.



Belotti Tiles  produces blocks of Terrazzo which are required to rest for 28 days to make them resistant
Belotti Tiles  starts from the production of  blocks  from  agglomerate of marble  with dimensions 305 x 125x 80 cm, which are stored for aging which lasts at least 30 days. During this period and before they can be sawn and processed,  the materials must pass a careful quality control. Once the seasoning is complete, the blocks are sawn by means of multi-blade frames in 305 x 125 cm slabs. For the entire production process they are used  latest generation machinery  which guarantee high quality standards.


The Terrazzo slabs obtained from the blocks are transformed in our workshops into finished or semi-finished products
Terrazzo slabs measuring 305 x 125 cm are obtained from the Belotti Tiles blocks  with thicknesses from 2 to 10 cm, which are subsequently worked in the following finishes: honed, polished, brushed and sandblasted



The rough slabs obtained from the block are polished or smoothed and cut into tiles of various sizes.
Sizes: 40 × 40 - 60 × 60 - 60 × 30 -  60 × 40 - 80x80 - 100x100 - 120x60 - 120x120 cm–
Other sizes on request.
Finishes: sanded, polished, brushed and sandblasted

Final product

Ready-made materials from  be uploaded

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